Who will bell the Cat? – Aesop’s Fables

A group of mice were lived in a store. They spent their days well. But a fat cat came there. They became very much frightened. They could not go outside of their holes. The cat jumped on them. The cat had strong claws. So the rats could not come out of him.

How to get rid of the cat? All the mice convened a meeting. The speakers spoke to discuss over the matter on different ways. But they could not make a decision.

The most intelligent rat stood at last. He told, “why are you perplexing on a common thing? I think that, we should bell the cat. Then we can hear the sound of the bell and we can be prepared. The cat would not be able do to any harm to us.”

The intelligent rat told the true thing. All other rats became very much happy. They said “that this is the good decision, Let go to bell the cat.”

Some rats went away and took the bell and rope.

All the rats were expressing their joy. The most old rat told — “That is a good decision ofcourse, but who will bell the cat?”

Listening to his words, everyone kept silent for there was none to bell the cat.”

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