Vishu and Varsha Pirappu – 14th April 2019 (Sunday)

Vishu and Varsha Pirappu
14th April 2019 (Sunday)
Vishu is the first day in the first Malayalam month of Medam (March-April) and Varsha Pirappu is the Tamil New Year.

Vishu is celebrated in Kerala with much fanfare. The traditional rituals followed in the festival is believed to usher in another year of prosperity for the Keralites. On the previous night of Vishu, fresh agricultural produce such as rice, paddy, cucumber, jackfruit, coconut and ripe plantains are decorated and placed at the feet of Lord Krishna. The little yellow flowers Konna Poovu are considered to bring prosperity. People go to temples for prayer.

Varsha Pirappu is the Tamil New year. On this day people decorate the entrance of their house with Kolam (Rangoli). They decorate it with mango leaves too, to mark the holiness of the occasion. After an early bath, the whole family prays together. Lord Ganesha is offered fruits, sweets and flowers. Food is prepared with particular emphasis on pulses and cereals. In the afternoon, people go to temples and exchange gifts. 


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