Unity is strength – Aesop’s Fables

Every day there were quarrels among the brothers. The farmer became very much sad. He rebuked and told in sweet voice. But there was no change in the behaviour of the sons. At last the farmer thought differently. He called all the sons.

The sons stood in front of the father. The farmer said, “You should bring stick and bundle them.”

The sons obeyed their father’s order.

Father said, “Now you will try to break the bundle. Let me see who can do this?”

The sons tried their best. But none of them could do this.

“So I can understand that none of you have the power to break the bundle. Now separate each stick from the bundle. You should take them individually.”

The sons took a stick in their hand.

“Now try once again.”

Then each of them could do this. The stick broke into several parts.

Now father said, “Oh my sons, if you unite like the bundle then no body will be able to defeat you. But if you quarrel and be seperated, then you would have to face the problem of the sticks You would be under pressure.”

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