Two friends and the bear – Aesop’s Fables

One day two friends were travelling in the forest way. They were talking on different matters. A bear came out suddenly from the forest.

Looking at the bear, the first friend, climbed on the tree. He knew how to climb on the tree. He did not look at the second friend.

The second friend did not know, how to climb on the tree. He could not fight with the bear. He heared that the bear could not touch a dead man.

He lied on the ground. He stopped his respiration.

The bear came near the person. He smelt the person and thought he was dead. He went into the forest.

The first friend came from the branch of the tree. He looked at the second friend, and asked, “The bear was telling some thing to your ears. What it was telling?”

The first friend said, “The bear told me, I wish you should not associate with a person who was not trusty.”

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