Tulsi Vivah 2018

Tulsi Vivah Festival 2018

Tulsi Vivah is celebrated on the twelfth day of the bright half of Kartik. A great warrior Jalandhar had become invincible in three worlds. Consequendy, the gods contrived a plan to defeat him. The gods came to Jalandhar’s house and informed Vrinda that her husband had been killed in the batde. To justify their information they put the severed head and body of the monkey in front of her. Later on, Vishnu disguised as sadbu, entered the house reciting mantras. Consequendy the severed head and body joined again which was very similar to Jalandhar. Overjoyed Vrindha embraced Vishnu immediately But soon realised that she had lost her holiness.

Vrinda cursed Vishnu ‘your wife will be taken away from you and you will have to ask help from a monkey to recover her’. And this proved right when Vishnu took avatar as Rama. Later on Vrinda became a sari. Vishnu was very remorseful of his act. He planted three trees on the creation ground. But of these three, Tulsi was very dear to Vishnu as it possessed all the qualities ofVrinda. Since then Tulsi is worshipped in India.

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