To be under own trap – Aesop’s Fables

A person had an us and a goat. The man eared for the ass. So the goat became very sad and jelous.

He came towards the ass and told – “Brother to look at you, my mind is full of sadness. You have to work through out the day and night. You have to carry weight. You should have some time for rest. One day you should jump inside the hole. You should Pretend to be unconscious. Then you would have rest for the whole day.”

The ass became very much happy to hear the such suggestion. He became slightly injured. He should have tratment

The person called for a veternary doctor. He examined the ass and told – “It is having no disease, it should have the soup of goat’s heart.”

The person killed the goat for treatment of the ass.

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  1. Questa intervista di Cacciari, sotto la scorza del laicismo nasconde l’inquietante argomento del katechon che a lui sta particolarmente a cuore e non da ora (vedi il prezioso studio di Blondet “I fanatici de#o1l8217;Aplcalisse&#822&;). Secondo Cacciari (che definire laico è eufemistico) il katechon deve smettere di trattenere satana incatenato. Anzi, perfidamente Cacciari dice “contenere”… Avete capito?!

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