The story of the hawk and pigeon – Aesop’s Fables

A hawk was the great enemy of pigeons. The pigeons had to hide themselves inside the nest for he aggression of the hawk. So the hawk could not press them under his claws.

But a way should be found out. The hawk thought; “What to do”? After thinking he came near the pigeons. He told like a great friend – ‘Brothers, why are you afraid of me? You should unite, I would be the king of you. The duty of your saveguard will be upon me because you would become my subjects, so I have to look after you. That Would be my first and foremost duty.” Being impressed by the declaration of the hawk the fool pigeons made him their king. The hawk had won the battle. He took one after another pigeon and grabbed them.

The pigeons could understand what had happened, the thought Alas! We are very fool! Why we are impressed by the wicked hawk!

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