The story of the bear and the fox – Aesop’s Fables

The bear and the fox were great friends.

One day they came near a crematorium and a river was flowing by the side. There were half burnt a human body. There was much rains before night. So the dead body could not be fully burnt. The carriers went away.

The fox became very much excited to see those half-burnt body. He told – “Friend, the day is beautiful for us. See how dinner is prepared. Let us utilise that.”

The fox was on a haste. Saliva went through his tongue.

The bear told – “I am not ready to eat the flesh of dead persons. I should not touch it. If you wish, you may eat.”

The fox was not at all ashmed to hear such words from the bear. But he told, “I can understand your words. But why you kill a man? If you do not do so, I would declare that you are an animal of great mind.”

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