The story of a father, son and an ass – Aesop’s Fables

A farmer had an ass. He brought it to the local market to sell it. He took his son with him.

Some people say – “They are foolish. They should use the ass as a carrie.”

Hearing this, the farmer put his son over the back of ass.

He followed them. Some old men were jeering.

One of them said – “Look at the selfish son. He should take his father on the ass.”

Hearing this the son came down. He requested his father to sit over the back of the ass.

After some time a group of men met them. One of them said, – “Look at the old .farmer. How selfish he


The farmer became very much ashamed. He took his son with him.

After going some distance a group of person came there. One of them told the farmer, “Why are you using the ass? You should have taken it on your back.” Listening his words they took the ass over a bamboo. They tied the feet with strong rope.

There was a canal near the market. There was a bridge over the canal. The people joked at them.

The ass became much frightned. He dropped over the canal. He died immediately.

The farmer could understand his condition. He hought, “I should not try to satisfy all.”

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