The Salt Trader – Aesop’s Fables

A salt trader went to buy salt. After purchasing salt he put them on the back of an ass. There was a bridge over a canal. The ass fell down from the bridge. The trader took the ass from the water. Much salt took melted. The trader went to purchase salt on another day. He put the bags on the back of the ass. He was proceeding towards his house. The ass could understand that his weight was light when he was dropped on the water. Now he would drop himself into water. The trader look him. But many salts were melted.

The trader could understand everything He wished to teach him a good lesson.

He went to market to buy cotton instead of salt. The stupid ass once again dropped into water. The weight became heavier. The trader did not take him from water. After sometime he took him. The ass somenow returned to home.

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