The rural rat and the urban rat – Aesop’s Fables

Once the urban rat had invited rural rat. The urban rat gave her best food. He was living in a cottage of a farmer. He had only rice and other garbages. After dinner the urban rat said -“Friend, why are you staying here? Please go to me to the city. There you will get much better food.

The rural rat agreed. They came to the city. It was midnight.

There was dinner party in the house where the city rat was living. There were many particles.

Both of them ate fully. Suddenly the door opened. Some people entered with barking dogs. The two rats had to hide. After some times the dogs went out. The rural rat thought, why should I stay here? He said to his friend – “It is better to have a peacefull life than to have life full of problems. I shall go to my village.”

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