The miser s wealth – Aesop’s Fables

Ther was a miser in a village. He had some property. He was very much confused how to save them. Even he could not sleep at night.

After few days, he decided to do something that his wealth could not be snatched by any thief. He sold everything and bought a lump of gold. He put the lump of gold by digging hole in the garden.

But he could not be assured. Everyday he went there and dig the ground to see whether his wealth was in save.

Days went on. A man was working in the house of the miser. He saw every day his master went to the garden and dug the field. One day he looked by hiding himself. Thatday at night he took away the lump of gold.

On the next morning, the miser understood his everything has stolen. He became very sad and cried loudly.

His loud cry attracted some of his neighbour. One of hem said, “Oh brother, Why are you lamenting? The lump of gold was of no use. You may put a piece of Stone in the dug out pit as it was all the same like your useless wealth.

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