The Mare and the Tortoise – Aesop’s Fables

One day a hare was chewing the grass. He saw a tortoise was coming slowly.

Looking at the tortoise, the hare became very much proud. He laughed.

The tortoise came near the hare and asked him, “Why are you laughing? Are you joking with me?”

Hearing the words of the tortoise, the hare laughed much more.

Being astonished the tortoise said, “Please tell me why are you laughing?”

The hare told – “You are walking very slowly. How can you perform all the duties of your life?”

The tortoise said, “I am walking this way from nr birth.”

The hare said, “I am thinking that, I became very much astonished to look at you. I am walking very fas so I can perform all duties perfectly.”

The tortoise said, “You are full of pride. I think you can not compete with me in race.”

Hearing these words the hare became very much shocked. He told, “Let us have a competition.”

The tortoise said, “It is okay.”

They decided, that the place where the old banyan tree was standing would be the end point of their race He would be declared the winner who could reach there first.

The race started, Within a moment the hare passed away the tortoise. Walking a long time, the hare thought let me have some rest. The tortoise cannot cross me.

Thinking such he stood under a shadow of a tree. Within in a while he became asleep.

The tortoise was walking very slowly. In due course of time he came across the hare.

After some moment, the sleep was broken. The hare looked everywhere. There was no sign of the tortoise. He thought, the tortoise was at a great distance. He started running once again.

After reaching the banyan tree, he was astonished to see, that the tortoise had already reached there.

The hare became very much ashamed.

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