The goat and the clever jackel – Aesop’s Fables

A wicked jackel went down in a well full of water. He became covered with mud. He tried his best to come out from the well. He could not do so. He thought, how to get out of this danger.

A goat became very much thirsty. He searched for water in side of the forest. At last he came near the well. He saw the jackel. He asked – “O Jackel Brother, how is the water of the well?’”

The clever jackel thought for a while. He told in a very soft voice. “My dear Brother, how can I describe. I have never drunk such sweet water. So I drink it myself. ” The goat asked, “Is there any water? Have you finished all?”

The jackel told in the same voice, “What are you telling my dear, there is plenty water, you cannot finish it though out your life. Aha, how sweet. I have not drunk such water in my life.”

The goat became much thirsty. He did not think for the future. He jumped into the well.

The wicked jackel was ready. He jumped on the back of the goat and went out of the well.

Looking at the jackel, the goat said, “Why are you going out?”

The elever jackel told, “Oh foolish, you should dir inside the well.”

Being astonished the goat looked at the jackel.

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