The fox and the woodcutter – Aesop’s Fables

A group of hunters chased a fox. Being afraid of life he ran away. He saw a woodcutter. He told -“ Woodcuter, the hunters chase me. I should have a place to hide myself. Please tell me, where shall I go?”

The wood cutter showed his hut and said, “Go, please go inside of my room.”

After a while the hunters came there. They wanted to know from the woodcutter, whether the fox has gone through that way.

The woodcutter said, “No, I have not seen anybody.” He told it through his mouth, but he showed the place as indication.

The group of hunters could not findout the meaning of the indication of woodcutter. They went back.

Now the fox came out from the hut. He did not tell any word to the woodcutter. He left back.

The woodcutter said, “What happens to you. Why are you sad? I have saved your life, you should have given me thanks. You are faithless.”

The fox told – “You should have got the thanks, if your words of mouth and works were similar.”

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