The fate of a greedy stag – Aesop’s Fables

The fate of a greedy stag
A lion became much ill. He could not take his foods. He told a jackel to go to the forest. The jackel should bring a stag for him.

The jackel went inside the forest. He found a stag. He said “I shall give you some good news. The king lion is in dyeing stage. He is interested to give you the throne. You will become the king of the jungle. You are having very good body.”

After a pause the jackel said – “Please follow me. You could stay near the lion till his death.”

Hearing these words, the stag became much happy. He came near the lion’s den. The lion touched the ear of the stuck. It bleeded. The stage went from there.

The jackel became very much sorroy. All his ventures went in vein. The lion once again said – “Please go to him. Try to catch him here.”

The jackel followed the way. He met with a group of shepherd. He asked – “Have you seen a stag who was bleeding?”

The shepherd showed the way.

The stag saw the jackel. He was much angry. He said

– “Please go out of my sight. I shall hurt you by my horns.”

The intelligent jackel said – “Why are you coming back from the lion? He wanted to give you some advice. Please follow me. He once again told that you will be the king.”

Hearing this the stag became much happy. He followed the jackel and came near the lion. The lion killed him and ate the flesh. The heart came out from the body. The jackel ate the heart of stag.

The lion enquired about the heart of stag.

The jackel said – “Oh King, how do you think that a person, who is facing death twice should have a heart?”

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