The ant, dove and fowler – Aesop’s Fables

It was hot summer day, Everyone became thirsty. The ant thought what I do? Suddenly he saw a small river was murmuring. He went to the side of the river. Cautiously he came near water. At the time of drinking he drowned into the river. He went away by waves. Tried to go to the shore. No, all his efforts went in vain. There was no way to save his life.

A dove was sitting on the branch of the tree by the side of the river. He was looking at the ant. He thought the ant would be dying. How to save it?

The dove took a leaf by his beak. He throw it on the water. The ant swam and came to the top of the leaf. The leaf swayed to the shore. Thus the ant was saved.

Some days past away after the incident. A fowler came to the forest to hunt the birds. He looked the dove sitting on the top of the tree. He was prepared with bow. The ant has his nest under the tree. He looked at the fowler. The fowler tried to hit the arrow from the bow. He beat the fowler on the leg. Lo, the fowler could not aim at the dove. The arrow became lost. The dove realised the matter and flew away from the tree at once.

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