Suruchi Sangha Durga Puja 2016

Suruchi Sangha Durga Puja 2016






















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  1. TheAninoraMy favorite piece was Will and Laurens Hip-hop. This is literally the first time I started paying attention to Will. When he was dancing with Amelia (who I really liked) I felt like he was almost dragging her down but once he changed partners his routines became more focused on him instead of him being the background dancer. His bollywood piece was so much fun and now this piece blew me away. I think the choreography was amazing and he was even serious. I loved it! It’s a shame he went home.

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  9. Love the book! And, safe and happy travels to you and your family. We’re braving it with our twins this year. There’s plenty to do, for sure. Go sledding, go skiing, get stuck in a blizzard, fall on the ice (but somehow manage to save the casserole you’re carrying from smashing into a 1,000 pieces), narrowly escape frostbite…

  10. No, because a player on the Cubs isn’t going to come up as often with men on base to generate those runs as players on other, good, offensive teams. Anything using RBI or Runs is too context dependent.

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