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Salim Ali
(Bird Watcher)

Salim Ali was a distinguished and world famous Ornithologist (Stud of Birds). He was known as bird scientist.

Ali was born on 12th November 1896 to a Muslim family. From the very childhood, he was fond of roaming in natural environment. He could not persue his higher education because he was weak in mathematics. So, he took a formal training to become an Ornithologist. He did not give much attention to wordly objects and achievements and persued his internal call for love of birds. Then he was appointed as a guide in the museum of famous Bombay Natural History Society. From there, he went to Germany for higher studies in the field of Ornithologist.

After completion of study Ali came back to India. His wife Smt. Tahmina Ali helped him in achieving his goal. He published his intrinsic observation of sparrow bird in 1930, which declared him a known Ornithologist.

He received many awards and honours. In 1983, he was honoured with “Padma Vib-hushan” by Govt, of India on his true and dedicated work on birds. He has also written several books like the Book of Indian Birds, Hand Book of the Birds of India and Pakistan, The Fall of Sparrow etc. These books explained many new findings about birds for the first time. His book, The Fall of Sparrow is a remarkable creation. In this book, he has written many of his happenings in his life, very nicely, matching with the birds life.

Later on, he was nominated to Rajya Sabha, the Upper House in the Government of India. He died on 20th June 1987 at the age of 91, with mortal remains of his works.