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P.C. Sorcar

P. C. Sorcar Junior is a renowned magical showman of the world. He performs around 400 mystically magic shows every year, especially in India, Estonia and Japan. He is the artist of Merlin having an artful trick, a dash of suspense and a suspension of belief.

He was born to a magician family. His father R C. Sorcar was also a famous magician. His father never let him enter the workshop on the ground floor of their Gariahat residence in Kolkata. Sorcar Junior used to climb up the window to see what his father was doing with the magic wand. He was then studying in class VI when he became very curious to know about the work of his father. Slowly he gained familiarity with the wand and started sneaking into his father’s workshop. He spent many hours in front of an imagined audience of thousands and thousands of people. As the father prohibited him from touching his magical wand, Sorcar Junior became more and more interested. One day he was caught by his father and his father didn’t believe that he could also do magic. His father told Sorcar Junior, “Show me what you can do”. Sorcar Junior started showing his father, what he learnt from hundreds of sittings on the window. Father was impressed enough to let his son help him out on stage, and the stage was big enough to impress the young boy. One day his mother woke him up around midnight to give him a 10-rupee note, his joy knew no bounds. But his father insisted him to study, so enraged Sorcar set off to Siliguri. There he gave his first solo performance, when he was a student of class X.

R C. Sorcar (Junior) never looked back and shows the art of Merlin with interest and enthusiasm all over the world.