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Kiran Bedi
(Krane Bedi)

Kiran Bedi, the Lady supercop has been decorated with the ‘Magsaysay Award’ of the ‘Phil-lipino Foun-dation’. She is the first woman to join the Indian Police Service in 1972 and the first sub-divisional lady police officer in the country.

Dr. Kiran Bedi, former Joint Police Commissioner, can inspire with her achievements and commitments. Dr. Kiran Bedi, is indeed very impressive and can deliver an extremely witty and thought provoking speech. She talks on various issues like that of environment, education, management and even corruption. She feels that the concept of developing spiritual quotient along with emotional and intelligence quotient is important.

Kiran was born in Amritsar on June 9, 1949. She was youngest of four daughters of Prakash Lai Peshawaria. She did her early schooling and graduation from there. She completed her Masters degree in Political Science from the Punjab University and law from Delhi University. She did her doctorate from IIT, Delhi in 1993. After that she was awarded Nehru Fellowship for the period 1994-1997. She was a professor in Amritsar before joining the IPS in ‘1972’.

Dr. Bedi was an excellent tennis player and won the Junior Lawn Tennis Championship in 1966, Asian Lawn Tennis Championship in 1972 and the All-India Hard Court Tennis Championship in 1974 and represented India twice against Sri Lanka and won the title. Her profession of a police officer is both destiny and choice. Her parents and the police training taught her to undertake every assignment with “willingness and devotion coupled with discipline”. She is known to be a tough police officer which pay dividends to her reputation.

Kiran’s Tihar assignment proved a milestone in her life, as also a great spiritual transformation. Tihar jail has now been renamed as Tihar Ashram, is one of the largest prisons in the world. She created an exemplary system, sweeping changes by giving a human face to jails, when she joined jails in 1993. She introduced innovative reforms like facilities of petitions by prisoners, panchayats, adult and higher education, IGNOU Centre, meditation and spiritual discourses.

Dr. Bedi has written a book, It’s Always Possible’ is based on her Tihar experience. She has built up confidence in India’s police through dynamic leadership and effective innovations in crime control, drug rehabilitation and human prison reforms.

Bedi was awarded Ramon Magsaysay Award in 1994 for Government Service.