Jhulon Jatra

Jhulon Jatra
28th Shraban 1423 (13th-18th Aug 2016)

Jhulan Yatra or the Divine Swing Festival is celebrated in the month of Shravana (July – August) commemorating the pastimes of Lord Shri Krishna with His eternal consort Srimati Radha, enjoying joyful childhood pastimes with His friends, the young cowherd boys and girls, swinging underneath the Kadamba trees. In the month of Shravana the atmosphere is vibrant with heavy showers and the entire natural setting is decorated with beautiful flowers blooming all around. In this jubiliant mood, the devotees celebrate the divine pastimes of Lord Krishna. This is one of the most beautiful, visually and spiritually satisfying festivals as the swings are elegantly decorated with green forest creepers, streamers of colourful garlands and jasmine or malati flowers which have blossomed newly in the season. Fine rose water spray is also directed towards the Divine Couple of Radha and Krishna on the swing.

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