Irony of fate – Aesop’s Fables

One day a fly came near a lion. He said, “I am not at all afraid to you. Will you compete with me? How? as a wife is quarreling with his husband, like that? Please hear to me. I am much powerfull than you. I am having much strength. Let us fight.”

The fly began to move around the face of the lion. Then he bit him. He bit the place which is devoid of hair. The lion moved his head to catch the fly. But he could not do it. He flew the another place. Once again he bit in the same place.

The lion became devastated in this fight. The fly became very much happy. He flied to another place.

But another incident took place. The fly came into the web of the spider. He could not come out of he web. The spider came and tried to devour him.

The fly told to himself – “What is my fate? I have defeated lion, atlast I have to sacrifice my life under the spider. That is the irony of fate.

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