Honest and dishonest woodcutter – Aesop’s Fables

There was a tree by the side of a river. A woodcutter was cutting wood. His axe fell down. It was submerged in the water. The woodcutter became helpless. The axe was the only weapon of his livelihood. Now it is under water. How he would carry out his family?

Considering this the woodcutter began to cry. Listening to his cry the god Harmis came near him. He came out from the water. He asked – “What has happened? Why are you crying?”

With cry the woodcutter told his story of distress. Harmis became sentimental. He made a drive inside the water and came out. He had a golden axe. He told, “Please, take your axe.”

The woodcutter said, “No sir, that is not my axe.” God was again make a drive in water. Then he brought a silver axe. He said, “I think it is yours.”

“No sir, it is not mine.”

He once again dipped inside the water. Then came with such axe, which was owned by the woodcutter. Harmis said – “Please, look at it. Is it not yours?” Being excited with joy, the woodcutter said, “Yes sir, it is mine, this axe is made of iron.”

The God became very much impressed for the honestly of the woodcutter. He became pleased. He gave the iron-axe to the woodcutter. He also presented him the golden and silver axe. Then he vanished inside the water.

Being happy the woodcutter cut the wood. Then he

returned to his village. He described the strange story to every person.

There was a greedy man among them. He thought,

I should go cut the wood, I might got a golden axe.

He came near the tree. At the time of cutting wood, he slipped the axe willfully. Then cried.

Hearing his cry, God Harmis once again appeared. He wanted to ask the reason of cry. The person said that his axe was slipped into the water.

God Harmis dipped into the water and took a golden axe. He asked, “Look at this, is it yours?”

Looking at the golden axe, the person became greedy. He jumped and said, “Yes sir, this is my lost axe.”

The person told a lie. God Harmis became very much displeased. He did not give the greedy person the golden axe, even he did not find out the original axe also. He disappeared.

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