Falguni Sangha Durga Puja 2016

Falguni Sangha Durga Puja 2016


Falguni Sangha Durga Puja 2016


Falguni Sangha Durga Puja 2016


Falguni Sangha Durga Puja 2016


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  21. Wow wow wow these places look amazing! Just gorgeous, this is definitely what the idealised version of the countryside looks in my head. I think this would be the perfect road trip – kudos to your friend for driving on the opposite side of the road! I definitely couldn't do it yet, haha.

  22. I love grey with pink accents too! I have sooooo much painting to do – with one child, you can keep an eye on them, 2? Forget it! Crayon and marker hieroglyphics!! Plus, changing the color of two rooms – maybe grey?? I’m tired thinking about all the painting I have to do :-/

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