Essence of experience – Aesop’s Fables

A dog was sleeping infront of a farmhouse. A wolf became much greedy to look at the sleeping dog. He desired to eat it. By this time the dog was out of sleep.

The wolf tried to bite the dog. The dog opened his eyes. He said, “Here my friend, you should not bite me by mistake. Look at me. I am very thin and slender. I remained unfed for a long time. Today there will be dinner at my master’s house. After dinner I will be fat then you will be devour me.

Hearing this the wolf went away.

The dog returned from the dinner. He went to the roof and slept there. The wolf called, “Dog please come down stair. I shall eat you, you have given word.”

With a smile the dog said, “Please go out for today. If you see me sleeping on the road, then you will devour me.”

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