Eagle, rabbit and the dorfly – Aesop’s Fables

Being chased by the eagle rabbit came in contact of a dorfly. The rabbit said, “Brother, please save me from the eagle.”

The dorfly assured the rabbit and came to the eagle. He said, “Listen my brother the rabbit took shelter of myself. You should not kill him. Please let him go.”

“Lo! shall I care him! Look at me …”

Telling this the eagle took the rabbit.

The dorfly became very much depressed. He could not save the rabbit. Okay, I shall take the revange.

The dorfly had a vigil eye over the eagel. He examined where the eagle built her nest, where she laid her eggs etc.’

The eagle laid her eggs. The dorfly went there, he pushed out the eggs from the nest.

He did it repeatedly. The eagle changed her nest, but she could not save her eggs. At last the eagle came to God Jews, and prayed — “God, be merciful to me. Please show me a secured shelter. I should have my eggs intact.

I am your servant, please show mercy to me.

“Okay, I assure you, my laps are the savest place for you to lay eggs.”

As per the words of Jews, eagle laid her eggs on his laps.

The dorfly knew this also. He made a ball of cowdung and went over the head of Jews. He dropped the dung from here.

Jews stood straight. He pushed his garments. All the eggs were fragmented into pieces.

There is a heresy – the eagle does not lay her eggs when dorfly comes out.

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