Choekar – Indian Festival

The festivals of ‘Choekar’ is celebrated in the seventh month of the lunar calendar, to provide supernatural protection to the crops sown, for good harvest and to drive away the evil spirits which may cause harm to the village community. Voluminous holy books such as ‘Ka-gyun’, ‘Bum’, ‘Gye-tong’, ‘Nyi-thai’, etc. are read in the village temple by the village priests or monks from the monastery.On the last day, a procession is taken out around the agricultural fields and the village, carrying images of Lord Buddha and other Buddhist pantheon and holy books. The procession is headed by two Kong-Yoks and behind then follows the Arp (Army), Men-dhakpa (Gunmen), Kyenpa (Clown) and Azara (Indian ascetic). With the completion of encirclement around the village and fields, the participants of the procession return to the temple.

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