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The Tirumala Brahmotsavam, a 10-day festival of splendour, attracts thousands of people of diverse communities to the small town of Tirumala, the abode of Sri Venkateshwara. This grand Utsavam is celebrated during the Dussehra festivities.The festival commemorates the manifestation of Lord Venkateshwara on the earth, on the day of Shravana Star. According to the Puranas, the first Brahmotsavam was conducted by none other than Brahma, the creator himself. For nine days, Malayappa Swamy, the processional deity is taken in a grand procession every morning and evening in various decorated Vabcms. Men chanting Prabandhan, Nadaswaram, classical singing, go along the procession with the Lord. The Lord and his content are adorned by rare antique jewellery. The Brahmotsavan festival culminates in the Pushkarini ceremony on the ninth day. Lord Vishnu’s weapon, the Sudarshana Chakra, is bathed in the Pushkarini tank in a ceremony On this day, thousands of devotees also take a plunge in Pushkarini.

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