Bose Pukur Sitala Mandir Durga Puja 2016

Bose Pukur Sitala Mandir 2016
















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  1. her requests sounded like it was a wish list from a 5 year old, and it does. I LMAO when she was denied for “no animals aledlwo” at the event…. awww, money doesn’t buy you everything you want=)*peas esss, there is a store out here with that sign, love it!

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  4. How wonderful, Mary, for you to finally make it to Machu Picchu! One of our sons got to go there on an art scholarship one summer. He's the one that is staying with us right now while recuperating from spinal disk fusion surgery. If you stop by my blog, you can see the pumpkin he creatively carved for me.

  5. Ne brukar bara tvätta underkläder.. Men tröjor o byxor tycker inte jag är hela världen. Ibland shoppar man ju i sista minuten kanske en klänning som man vill ha samma kväll. Lite svårt att hinna tvätta den då hehe =)Passar på att önskar dig en underbar helg =)

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  7. Jeg har ikke noget imod pels som sådan, men jeg har noget imod den måde mange dyr bliver behandlet på og måden pelsen laves på. Beklager hvis du føler dig provokeret af at jeg beskriver materialet på mit tøj, det er blot info til mine læsere

  8. Stan 12:11 “It just means for a certain circustance one genetic variation is more likely to live than another…”Isn’t the variation with traits that fits the environment the one that ultimately does survive? And, isn’t that the “fittest”?

  9. Nah. The truth is I never had the desire. I watched my friends from high school get pregnant and have kids and watched other friends who had an intense desire to have kids and I never felt that, not even once. My friends kept saying, wait ’til you’re 25, you’ll feel it. Nada. OK, wait ’til you’re 30… nada. I’m happy for everybody else who had kids but I have no envy. I’m really happy without them and after about 10 minutes with OPKs (Other People’s Kids), I’m running for the hills.

  10. Maria, it was great meeting you and sharing this experience with you as well. What a great weekend with MeRa and Brian. But I think the best part is the bonding we’ve all done after the workshop, the feeling of togetherness, and knowing we all have this community of women who “get it” and will lift us up when we need lifting, hold our hand when we need holding, and share and support always. It was and continues to be truly amazing. You are an extremely talented photographer and I am blessed to share this journey with you. ♥xoxo Marcy

  11. Bruno Diego Araujo disse:Foi com esse CD DT15 qe Deus falou que de bencao do ceu caira sobre a terra, pois o inimigo me fez chorar, sofre e nao qeria qe eu foi a gravacao, sofri por algumas coisa mas eu disse CREIO qe la eu estarei e com a musica Creio e Casa de Oraçao qe Deus me iluminou amor esse cd e amor familia DT….

  12. Andrea / Que buena iniciativa!!! Realmente hacen falta más instancias de apoyo psicológico para las personas que enfrentan enfermedades tan terribles como el cáncer. Felicidades y éxito en la campaña! Hay que colaborar, lamentablemente nadie está libre.

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  15. Fiona,Sorry to be getting back to you late! We are still learning how to navigate our new site:) In two weeks we will have 40 or so varieties of tomato plants and some peppers as well at Santa Monica. Feel free to email us at with your order. Thanks!!

  16. September 11, 2012  3:47 am by Adam Kroner Hey man just wanted to say I’ve been following you since Dubpack 7, each pack has been amazing and has been the source of many headturns by my friends involving the amazing dubstep. Hope you are able to pick it back up again so I can know all the songs at shows before everyone else. Good luck to you 😀

  17. Dovresti sapere che regime vuol dire un sacco di cose, quindi specificare cosa intendi, anche perché mi pare tu dica un sacco di fregnacce, con tutto rispetto, e vorrei poter controbattere parlando di cose reali.Francesco Il(o più semplicemente Il)

  18. Thanks for the comment Lucas. I think the main concern for most of us is the casual approach to personal data that seems to be endemic throughout our civil service. The fact that someone can copy 600,000 names, addresses and other personal details onto a laptop, and then lose it shows failings at the system level (how is it possible to abstract that amount of personal data from a supposedly secure environment, AND not have it encrypted), and failings at the human level – i.e. complete absence of security policies.Meanwhile, the personal details of 600,000 citizens are now in the hands of potentially unscruplous people.

  19. Susa, bin mal auf die Preise der Zweitweine gespannt. Weiterhin auf den Geschmack.Herr Wehmeier,ich sach mal, vielleicht ist es manchen Fällen nicht schlecht, wenn alle Weingüter der Welt auf einen Jahrgang verzichten. So, der Ausnüchterung halber…

  20. adelinesdad To clarify my last paragraph, what I’m suggesting we avoid is people who have proven that they are willing to engage in intentionally deceptive arguments. Because even if they make an argument that seems sound, we cannot be sure we are not being fooled (because we are not immune).

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  26. I’m Eric; former club-nut in San Diego. Been gleaning cool/provocative/insightful/fuckinghellishlywrong tidbits from you for a couple years now; I ended up on via some forgotten mailing list, found your rants comforting, noticed you had an LJ and thud, bang, done. is a recent, fun discovery. is a powernoize act I’ve enjoyed for a few years. The collab. is a fantastic CD.And I’ve been a fan of beats for years.Keep making us cringe, you’re damned good at that.

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  28. You have to be kidding me Jerry, Syracuse fourth. They had one bad game, outside of that they have been bludgeoning their opponents all year. Come on Jerry start watching some basketball. I know you hate boeheim, but be objective.

  29. That’s the advantage of the stars & stripes. A star is a star and a stripe is a stripe, even if in a completely different context — like Captain America. Whereas a bunch of crosses superimposed on each other have to be shown in their entirety to be clear what they are.

  30. Thanks! I hope that you and your girl are taking a long trip this summer? YES to us single moms who choose to show our daughters the world. We’re raising strong young women!!

  31. HI Cory,Yes HFCS is a definite NO as it is a source of excess fructose. In general, we have allowed corn syrup but with further testing this may change-syrups are complicated.Glucose is well absorbed so not considered a FODMAP. I do not believe algae or hemp seeds have been tested yet. Chocolate is another grey area as I have not seen the analysis on FODMAP content anywhere, but I do allow in small portion. Chocolate seems to be is a big trigger for many with IBS though so small portion again, is key. Hope that helps.

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  33. Can't believe I have just read this-having written a post myself tonight on age and being a person [Lady]rather than an age or number.Thank you for believing in individuals rather than numerics.

  34. Mie imi place mai mult cum a scris Frank Herbert – mi se pare ca seria Dune e fascinanta! Traducerea lui Orson Scott Card in limba romana nu e cea mai reusita si in seria umbrelor, cand intra in probleme de geopolitica, bate cam mult apa in piua. Uite, o sa caut Eorthing Saga, sa vad daca ai dreptate

  35. Mielestäni on hämmentävää että täällä “hyvinvointi” yhteiskunnassa laitetaan rahat menemään tuollaisiin juttuihin, kun samaan aikaan jossain maailman kolkassa kokonaiset kansat riutuvat köyhyydessä.. Tarkoitukseni ei ole nyt kohdistaa tai tuomita ketään henkilöä, vaan yleisesti olen hämmentynyt yhteiskunnan toiminnasta.

  36. Avidon, Indeed. I think people could accept defeat to this team, but blowing the late leads–twice–has made it tougher to deal with. And, no, 160, Buren, it was not all Kobe. Sam Presti brought Perkins in and assembled his front line with this series in mind, and Presti is a very smart man.

  37. Llevo una semana intentando rematar un puñetero soneto que se me ha atragantao… si el primer verso he logrado terminarlo en “or”, en el cuarto no consigo colocar mas allá de un “ón”… el primer terceto consta de un endecasílabo y dos alejandrinos que no hay manera de encajar, oiga… bueno, la cosa iba del “hecho nacional” y ha derivado en una orgía de frambuesas… ejem… algún editor por ahí que me eche una manita, aunque sea al cuello?

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  39. Leí la mitad de los mensajes y me dió lata seguir, así que no se si alguien lo dijo antes. La semana pasada hablaba de esto con dos amigas polacas, mi éxito con los extranjeros y su éxito con los chilenos. Y es fácil, es porque fuera de su país uno es exótico y eso es atractivo. Punto. Respecto a las características nuestras vs los extranjeros sí creo que Chile es un país machista, y más conservador que otros países de la región, pero igual somos más alegres, cálidos y afectuosos que el gringo/europeo promedio.

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  44. Joseph Smith was a criminal with a record. He was charged and convicted of being a disorderly person and an imposter in Bainbridge, NY in 1826:Warrant issued upon written complaint upon oath of Peter G. Bridgeman, who informed that one Joseph Smith of Bainbridge was a disorderly person and an imposter. Prisoner brought before Court March 20, 1826.Why are mormons in such denial??? -4Was this answer helpful?

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  46. Oh my young niece is expecting her first bubba this year. I have passed on all my baby things to her and she is just so grateful. She will be single parenting and she doesnt have a lot. It would be lovely to gift her this? It certainly is one special blankie.

  47. I love the smell of a bull market in the morning. I wonder how many people bailed out of stocks during Nov to March are still on sidelines kicking themselves. They are now stuck with two choices, stay out and how we double dip to the March Low or Get in and risk even further damage as they missed the runup and if there is another correction they will really get slaughtered. Dow 9K looks sweet to people who kept plowing in money the last 9 months. Dow 9K is ugly to someone who sold it all in March of 2009.

  48. I didn’t know how to feel about the trade either Drew, but then I saw and now I’m almost convinced that the Vikings are both ready to and absolutely deserve to win the Super Bowl. Funny how a redhead with an incredible body can even tempt a man to root for Favre, but here we are.

  49. That is, pending efforts to keep the Plaza’s apparent bed bug problem well in check and as long as none of those pesky fleas escapes from the Westport Flea Market. Bed bugs and fleas on the loose – God forbid! -sure would take a real “bite” out of the bottom line.

  50. This is a naturalization certificate for a Norwegian born in 1903.Obama is sweating bullets, heh heh.Oh noes! Even Von Aryan of Liberty Legal Foundation is getting for doing everything wrong.Do you know, there are actually lawyers who WIN lawsuits? Not birther lawyers, I mean. Real lawyers.

  51. Il mio primo pensiero, quando vedo queste proiezioni di auto che possono viaggiare anche in aria e acqua è tristemente rivolto a tutti quegli "automobilisti" che fanno tanti danni già solo dal parcheggio su terra :-SPerò in un mondo dove tutti guidan benissimoe con coscienza, sarebbe bellissimo avere auto così ^^

  52. Eu estou morando atualmente no nordeste, mas mesmo com todo calor não deixo de saborear um Cabernet. A solução por aqui é colocar a garrafa na geladeira enquanto se prepara a janta. À temperatura ambiente não tem quem tome mesmo, haha! Abraço

  53. I suspect that guys like Serin feel a little bit more enabled to bend or break the law because they’re “citizens of the world.”If I break the law as an American I’m stuck with facing the music. If Serin breaks the law he can always go back to Uzbekistan (not that he’d want to) or to any of a dozen Western countries where he probably has friends or relatives. Non-citizen residents used to have fewer rights than you. Now they have more.

  54. Ya me di cuenta de eso nada mas escribir el comentario. Conseguí instalarlo pero no pude activar los diccionarios debido a que no tenía wifi para conectarme. Después he intentado activarlos desde Configuración> Diccionario y no hay manera. ¿Que puedo hacer?Gracias

  55. oh my word! What a beautiful card! I also have no pond stamps and Can not say I wanted any until now! My wish list is growing and it’s your fault Michelle…LOL! I knew I was in trouble the first time I came across your site! I love it and I love your artwork!Beth in Des Moines

  56. …sim realmente é mto bom, as minhas filhas adoram… mas eu estou espantada lol pois eu julgava ter sido eu a inventar esta comida porque um belo dia nao tinha eu bacalhau e lembrei-me de fazer com pescada que era mais barato.. enfim… eu tb julgava ter inventado o frango À braz e afinal tb n fui eu…. enfim…

  57. Thanks! I do really like the small batches. They’re more fun for me and you can experiment without putting a serious dent in your finances;). Yeah, you gotta love the complete lack of logic that accounts for the crazy measurement system we have and stick by. It sure makes things interesting!

  58. Este año me propuse establecer y lograr metas, compre un libro sobre como fijar metas y lo devore rápidamente. Después escribí todas mis metas posibles, las re escribí varias veces hasta que quedaron 12 metas, las cuales si se cumplieran, mi vida seria fabulosa, sin embargo a veces, este proceso me ha deprimido mas de lo que me ha ayudado, porque me hace sentir como si lo que ahora tengo no vale la pena y siempre vivir para un futuro, que a veces no se si llegara.

  59. Morgan Downey charted US product supplied in its various sectors in a TOD article: . The seasonality shows up more strongly with gasoline; he didn't chart propane use which is the most seasonal of all. He only covered 9 years on the X axis as well, using all 19 years of EIA data blurs things a great deal. showing YOY demand for minor products 2008/2009.

  60. Para Lord:Vale que fue una innovación en su época y un hito en efectos especiales pero a mi vista ahora en el siglo XXI me pareció normal. Desde luego que le da 1000 vueltas al remake.Para Sinsangre:Jajajja el grito final de Donald Sutherland es espeluznante. También la versión de nueva es penosa.Otra gran clásico de extraterrestres es “Enemigo mío”. Que os parece esa película??

  61. I’m still trying to find the right words too! I guess I meant that there’s not a specific time in the service where this is expressed, when compared with the Anglican Eucharist for example. I think the contemplative part is more “behind the scenes” both individually and in other meetings rather than on the Sunday morning.

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  63. MGM is co-financing Bond and Warners is putting up most of the budget on Hobbit. MGM has worldwide home video/TV rights to Bond (as they should) and international TV on Hobbit, Dragon Tattoo, 21 Jump Street, etc. that it finances w/Sony or Paramount or whoever. Anything else they finance largely on their own (i.e. Robocop, Poltergeist) they own DVD/TV rights.

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  67. Dear Sean and Family, Thank you for sharing such a deeply personal experience with us. “The Me” is in awe of the acceptance and inner peace you express through this. Your example is an inspiration. I, too, have a lot to learn…. Sending Love and Blessings your way.

  68. Almost all new manufacturing technology causes some unemployment to occur. But then even more people become employed as people don't just use that new technology for its original intend but find ever more uses for it. The population of the US is about 300 million, with about a 9% unemployment rate.Compare this to 1982, with the same unemployment rate or the 1930's with much higher unemployment rates, but with lower populations. Technology wasn't nearly advanced in those days as now, but we employ more people now.See wikipedia "united states unemployment rate".

  69. A pozwolÄ™ sobie Basiu napisać coÅ› tutaj,bo wÅ‚aÅ›nie w sobotÄ™ jedliÅ›my pieczone ziemniaki w Radocynie :)Wg mnie te z grilla/piekarnika kompletnie nie majÄ… 'tego' smaku !!!JakiÅ› czas temu nakrawaÅ‚am surowe ziemniaki,wkÅ‚adaÅ‚am do Å›rodka masÅ‚o czosnkowe,owijaÅ‚am sreberkiem i takie wrzucaÅ‚am do żaru…byÅ‚y ok ;)ps.maila napisze niebawem,a na szybko -> Å›licznie dziÄ™kujÄ™ za wszystko !!!ps2.uwielbiam skórkÄ™ z tak pieczonych ziemniaków,nawet mocno zwÄ™glonÄ… potrafiÄ™ zjeść,choć ostatnio wyczytaÅ‚am że to rakotwórcze ;P

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  72. Mais do que "catita", está linda a nossa Dra. Cátia! E prometemos escrever-lhe as coisas mais lindas do mundo nas fitas do curso… Tem que ser com antecedência, podemos usar a via postal… 2011 vai ser um ano grande para a nossa amiguinha. Um beijinho também para a Cidália Nunes que eu, infelizmente, só conheço de fotografia.

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  74. This bailout is going to send the US government into a deficit in the billions. Is the US government not in control of US currency? Can’t they print more dollars? I know that the gold in Fort Knox is not sufficient to back all currency in circulation. How else is this mighty dollar backed?

  75. to be dying. Oh well… Anyway, bodybuilding is definitely not for the weak of heart (literally and figuratively). If one is planning on getting into body building and building muscles big and huge, first he/she has got to make sure that he/she has a strong determination to work until the attainment of his/her goal, and that is to get all bulked up and “ripped” (as we use in the bodybuilding parlance). Being aware that building muscles takes months or even years will help a lot as this will eliminate any false presumptions and ridiculous goals.21

  76. Exactly! And as a parent who wants to support both it can be so tough. And you’re right – with my son as well it is the extremes; either they can’t say enough about him or they really think he’s on the path to a life of low achievement. Soon after this was written we had the opportunity to get him into a smaller setting with a lot of individualized attention. It has been a gift! Thanks for reading and it is so nice to have someone who gets this.

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