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Bhikhari Thakur
(Creator of Bidesia Natak)

Bhikhari Thakur was a well known artist among Bhojpuri speaking state and areas. He, with his own talent created drama to depict different social disparities, but with entertainment.

Bhikhari Thakur was born in 1887 in Kutubpur in Bihar. He belonged to a backward caste and poor family. One day he escaped from house and visited many places. He became a barber. But his soul was craving for something else. He saw Ram Lila, Jatra of Bengal and developed passion for dramatics. He formed a Drama Mandali of poor people and started showing plays. He studied the pathetic life conditions of the wives of Bihari ! labourers who lived alone in their native lands without their husbands. The labourers went to Kolkata to earn a livelihood. Wives kept waiting year after year of their migrated husbands to come. This miserable condition of labourers touched Bhikhari’s soul and he wrote a play “Bideshia Natak”. He played the drama with his mandali in Bhojpuri area and gained applause of the emotional knitting of the drama. Lakhs and lakhs of people wanted to see his play on stage. Then he never looked back. His soul was contended. He gave music to his plays himself which mesmerised the people. He remained the main actor in his drama. He developed such a Jadoo in his Swar and Luchak in his waist that lady dancers were also defeated in their dance. Later on during his play performance, police had to be called and there was great rush which resulted in black marketing of show tickets. In his songs there was a magical mix and remix of laughter of social situations. His one of the famous.

Bhikari Thakur always wore simple dress and was a humble person. After Independence, Govt, of India conferred on him ‘Padmashri’ seeing genius and excellence in him. At the age of 83 this great artist of east died on July 10, 1971.