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A purely informative site on Bengali food, Bengali recipes and Bengali Cuisine. Try out the oriental dishes of Bengal especially its varities of Rice dishes and fresh water fish food. To know Bengal and its richness and for a greater and deeper communication 3dcolorboard introducing this Bengali section for you.bengali-recipe-17

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  17. i made a modified version of this dish, using onion instead of shallots and sans the capers (as i currently didn't have any). it was DELICIOUS! the salmon was perfectly cooked and the topping made it satisfyingly tasty! i can only imagine that it'd be that much better had i followed your exact recipe.

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  45. Really good post – this is the first I've read about the protests in Gaza – perhaps that's because I've been away from the UK for a few days and not following the news – but it's certainly true that such protests don't fit the preferred anti-Israel narrative.

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  47. Hah! As soon as I started reading this, I was thinking of XKCD's "Correct Horse Battery Staple", even before I saw it was referenced in the article! More on topic though, what are the concerns then in trying to choose a secure word or phrase in a company that also requires regular changes? Generally I have found when talking to people in one of my last jobs that they ended up choosing incremental passwords, using the same word or phrase and just substituting the current month or incrementing a number, essentially using most of the same password as previously.

  48. I think it’s NUTS, I repeat NUTS, to bench Vick now. It kills the season. There is no way Foles won’t have his own issues, bad plays, and turnovers. And yes, it can get much worse then Vick. It will create a rift from those who still want Vick and those who like Foles. It’ll destroy the team. I cannot believe we are having this conversation at 3-3 and one game out of the division. It’s beyond dumb.

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  52. something that’s actually well-thought out and intelligent but disagrees with me, I respond in kind. Abject hate and poorly worded comments that have no basis are definitely mocked and belittled. I respect people who can disagree without relying on infantile histrionics.

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  54. I remove the links and reply unless they’ve written a novel in my comments. Those I delete and leave behind an explanation. I’m sure that someday I’ll be either lazy or cranky and just hit “delete” instead.

  55. Skal si det blomster på bloggen din. Du har virkelig mange fine bilder. Jeg har gått litt i dvale med hele fotograferingen. Skjønner ikke helt hvorfor. Vårslapp? Vårdeprimert? Mangler motiver? Neeeeei, det går sikkert over snart. Du derimot ser ut til å sprudle over av fotoideer.


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  70. What a wonderful post. I’m in tears; I don’t know what I would do without my Mum. I speak to her several times a day and can’t make a decision without her, so reading your post made me so emotional because I can’t imagine ever losing my Mum. I hope you’re okay today. Will be thinking of you. xx

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