Amrita Pritam

Amrita Pritam
(A Classified Novelist)

Amrita Pritam was a classified hindi writer andj novelist. She had! been conferred; the highest literary! Award ‘Gyanpith Puraskar’ in 1983 for her ‘Kagazj Tekanvas’ (Punjabi).

She was born in 1919 in an educated family. Her parents were teachers. She belonged to a literary background. She lost her mother at the age of eleven. So she was brought up under the care of her father, who was also a writer. She started writing poetry at the age or sixteen. In this way her writing career started.

On 15th May 1973, Delhi University conferred her with Honourary Degree o D. Lit. She has written her own biographs in ‘Rasidi Ticket’. Her famous Novels ard Dr. Dev, Ek Thi Tara, Rang Ka Patta etc.

She had written more than 30 books and her books were translated in as many as 30 languages. She had travelled world wide and freedom was her culture. According to her, marriage was a futile and out-dated institution.

She was nominated as a member of Rajya jSabha in 1986 in Indian Parliament. She had |added beauty to literature. She left for the heavenly abode on 31 Oct 2005 at the age of 186 in Delhi.

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