Albert Eckka

Albert Eckka
(A Great Patriot)

Lance Naik Albert Eckka, is the recipient of highest military award ‘Paramvir Chakra’ during Indo-Pak war in 1971. He was a great patriot and laid the supreme sacrifice of his life for our country. Albert Eckka was bom on 27th Dec. 1942 at Ranchi in Jharkhand. His father’s name was Julius Eckka and mother’s name was Mariam Eckka. He belonged to a tribal family. From his childhood; he was brave and curious to work in army. At the age of 20, he was appointed in Bihar regiment of Indian army in 1962. Then he was transferred to 14 Guards and was asked to take position in Gangasagar of West Bengal in Eastern sector.

Albert Eckka was positioned in the front line of the Brigade of the Guards battalion during defence of that sector. There was also a heavy military from Pakistan’s side, presently Bangladesh. The fight between two enemies started. In the meantime, Albert Eckka saw his company was loosing due to the firing from light machineguns of the enemy. He suddenly got excited and attacked enemy’s bunker without thinking of his own safety. He stopped the firing from enemy’s machinguns by throwing grenade and saved his company from heavy loss. In these actions he was badly injured. After gaining his goal, alas! he succumbed to his injuries.

In this action Albert Eckka had shown commendable courage and determination. He thus followed the great tradition of army and gave the highest sacrifice of his life to the cause of the nation.

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